Cinema of the United States
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Nothing can bring me down!

There's tension in the air: the Liberals are about to vote on a new leader, everyone's trying to figure out how best to spend tomorrow's 'Day Without A Gay' and the Iowa Supreme Court begins hearings on gay marriage but there's no shortage of silly videos to amuse me today. I've even got the VGL Boys getting me through the recession:

It's no "Dick in a Box" but Andy Samberg's latest digital short is Pet Shop Boys-inspired comedy for your inner 12-year-old (and watch for Justin Timberlake as the DJ/janitor):

Someone found the infamous Crispin Glover interview on David Letterman's old show! I saw this when I was a teen and never forgot it:

Lily Allen's back!  Drunk or sober, she's always a delight:

And, best of all, we are less than six weeks away from the end of the George W. Bush presidency!  I wasn't sure I'd live long enough to type those words and when he joked, "Welcome to my hanging," well….I jizzed in my pants: