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Nothing is sacred

For starters, American Thanksgiving got Rickrolled:
Our favourite pundit Rachel Maddow discussed the Bush administration's tradition of Thanksgiving corruption indictments but weirdly, president-elect Obama spent the day helping the poor. Why?  He won the election — he doesn't have to campaign anymore!  I watch this video and I keep expecting Dick Cheney to pop up and shoot someone in the face:


Less generous are the Chinese gay penguins who keep stealing eggs from the straight couples. We at Xtra cannot of course condone such behaviour, even if we think it's adorable:

Maybe the Chinese need to mellow the penguins out with the world's oldest stash of marijuana. Or maybe we need to fight for gay penguin marriage rights. Of all the protests arising from the California gay marriage ban these last few weeks, Tom Ackerman's refusal to recognize any marriage now is the most cleverly passive-aggressive!

At least one thing we can all agree on is the importance of AIDS awareness and fundraising. For the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day on December 1st, Canada will host three 'Voices of Hope' concerts in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. I'd love to make a snarky joke here but hey, some things are sacred.