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Now Casting: Fag Hagorama

My good friend San Francisco Rebecca sent me this link sometime during my computer meltdown. God and baby jesus love her and bless! it's too good not to repost here on Up Your Alley.

Here's an excerpt of what's posted Peter Knegt's blog The Lost Boy. plus the original ad:

Are you “cunty”? Do you have “at least 5 flamingly gay homosexual male friends”? Do you want to “live in a loft with 12 other “fag hags” and compete in contests such as: “Being A Cunt”, “Eating a Dick”, and “Sucking Up To Your Boss” for prizes including, but not limited to: food, nail polish, tampons, trips to places in Brooklyn, worthless praise, upper lip hair removal, self esteem, and manny/peddies.”

Then this craigslist ad/“ultimate reality show” audition might be for you! 

Daaaaaaaaaaamn, gurrrrrrrrrrrl!