Toronto Diary
1 min

Now you can taste Ben & Jerry’s Schweddy Balls

Aaaaand we’ve reached the logical conclusion of society: Ben & Jerry’s has officially launched a new flavour of ice cream called Schweddy Balls, named after the SNL skits where Alec Baldwin talked about his balls, back when he was still hot and sane.

Anyway, in case you’re interested and are willing to go out and pay $4 to put Schweddy Balls in your mouth (I have MILLIONS of these — MILLIONS), it’s fair-trade vanilla ice cream with a hint of rum, and it has fudge-covered rum balls and chocolate malt balls. Because as we all know, the only thing missing from B&J ice cream was liquor. Sweet, sweet, drink-until-it-fills-the-void-in-your-heart ice cream.

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