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NSCAD Queer Collective is looking for queer spaces, safe spaces

After a fun-filled evening where a student group resurrected Halifax’s queer history with a party at The Turret, the NSCAD Queer Collective is holding a roundtable discussion on safe, queer and trans spaces, as well as the challenges faced by those looking to create those spaces, from both internal and external forces. The event takes place this evening, Tuesday, April 2.

In an email to Down East, a spokesperson for the collective said, “The discussion will be a round table on the concepts of safe space, queer space and community accountability. Together we’ll talk about the rhetoric of ‘safe space’ and what challenges we face as a community in trying to construct safer queer spaces. We have several local organizations lined up to speak about the work they do to create safer spaces for queer and trans* folk!”

An example of the internal challenges that these spaces face is represented in a historical project put on by the collective. During The Turret’s heyday, local artist Rand Gaynor painted a mural, an image that certain members of the community took umbrage at, and covered it in graffiti. The NSCAD Queer Collective has brought back the mural, along with the graffiti. The mural’s resurrection is also part of the Khyber’s 125th anniversary.

For more information on the roundtable discussion, check out the Facebook event page

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