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NSRAP’s latest board of directors announced

On June 23, the Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project’s AGM took place and a new board of directors was put into place.

The list includes:

* Kevin Kindred (chair)
* Rosie Porter (vice-chair)
* Matt Numer (past chair)
* Kate Shewan (treasurer)
* Nathaniel Lewis (secretary)
* John Britton (member-at-large)
* Jim Gouthro
* Andrew Jantzen
* Kate Keough
* Justin Leblanc
* Brenda Merritt
* Alana Murray
* Rebecca Rose
* Nathaniel Smith
* Lucas Thorne-Humphrey

NSRAP also held a community forum during the AGM and published topics of discussion at the meeting, as well as their annual report.

Speaking of NSRAP, they’re still accepting applications for the Community Hero Awards, a topic discussed in Down East a few weeks ago.


It is the weekend, however, so in keeping with the weekly Office Dance Party tradition, here’s a little Balearic bumper to get you ready for beach and lake times. 

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