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Nudies POed at Buddies

They took the naked invite literally

Nudists who attended the Naked New Year party at Buddies In Bad Times theatre got a surprise when they were told the “nudy-night” theme referred only to the performers that night – not the patrons.

Several male patrons were told to dress or leave when they showed up in their birthday suits at the party.

“Everybody just assumed it was a clothing-optional event – why wouldn’t it be?” says party-goer Leif Harmsen. He was told to put his clothes back on after the coat check employee had accepted them. Harmsen left after getting a refund of $30 for himself and his date.

“A lot of patrons were annoyed,” says Harmsen.

Back in 2000, The Barn was charged with permitting disorderly conduct when it allowed the group Totally Naked Toronto Men Enjoying Nudity to hold nude dances there. But last June provincial court Justice Robert Bigelow ruled that nudity is not automatically disorderly conduct – nude dances are legal.

Buddies artistic director David Oiye says the law wasn’t as much a concern as the consideration of other patrons. He says the party was never intended to have patron nudity. Wannabe nudists did call about what they could do.

“I told them that that could take some clothing off, show some skin, but they’d have to keep their genitalia covered,” says Oiye.

Harmsen says he heard several different messages.

There was some nudity during performances by Sasha And The Scandelles and Shane And The Beefcake Boy.