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NXNE rocks Toronto

Anomie Belle, Kelly and The Kellygirls and The Young Empires all appearing

Credit: From The Young Empires' "White Doves" video.
North by Northeast (NXNE) continues to rock Toronto. The annual festival, which runs from June 11 to 18, includes a whack of acts for queer music fans.  

Anomie Belle is a cool and talented lesbian from Seattle who brings her dream pop vibe to Midnight on June 13.
Crooked Valentine, billed as a “nu-glam-metal band,” plays The Rochester on June 14, and Kelly and The Kellygirls rock the El Mocambo on June 15. Multi-instrumentalist Dinah Thorpe plays Czehoski on June 14, and Winnipeg’s Vibrating Beds are at The Rochester on June 15.
The festival also features some groups with very gay names: Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party and Gay, which play June 13 and 14 respectively.
And, of course, the event features a growing number of bands that plain dig us gays, among them The Young Empires, who play June 16 at the Horseshoe Tavern. Below is a video interview with the band about their queer following and what to expect at their show. 
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