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NYC cops harass trans women

My cousin works as a police officer in Montreal, and despite the fact that growing up, he had some pretty douchey moments, he honours and respects the badge he wears by upholding the law and treating everyone with the same level of respect and dignity that anyone deserves.

Unfortunately, not all police officers do.

In a pretty chilling testimony to Jezebel, numerous New York City trans women have come forward with stories about how they where harassed by police officers, degraded, insulted and humiliated for being trans. Here’s one of the stories as told to the website:

They had me sit down in a chair next to the filthy toilet, and handcuffed my right wrist to a metal handrail.

Why was I segregated from all of the other protestors? Perhaps the answer lay in the fact that police officers were coming by to ogle me, and were laughing and giggling at me through a window. It was obvious that prisoners were rarely handcuffed to a railing in this manner, because a number of officers asked a female officer why I was handcuffed to the railing. She told them something, I couldn’t hear what, but then, on each of these occasions, they would laugh and giggle while looking at me pointedly. 

Just putting this out there, but you don’t get to magically waive all the rights of a detained woman just because she’s a transsexual rather than a cissexual. Hell, if someone were to treat a dog that way they’d be run out of town with pitchforks and torches. You’re a police officer, dipshit. It’s your job to uphold society’s laws, as they apply to everyone. Human beings deserve human rights, moron, and if you can’t even get that right, then you have no place on the NYPD.

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