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NYC: Spray-painted ‘God is gay’ message investigated as hate crime

Message left on church sign that reads ‘Jesus would stone homos’

Pastor James David Manning, whose Harlem-based church posts anti-gay messages on its sign, welcomes news that the spray-painted message “God is Gay” left on the sign is being investigated as a hate crime. Credit: (Atlah Worldwide Missionary Church

New York police are investigating a spray-painted message left on an anti-gay church’s sign as a hate crime, the New York Daily News reports

The words God is Gay” were spray-painted on both sides of the Atlah Worldwide Missionary Church’s sign, which has been used to post such anti-gay messages as Jesus would stone homos,” Harlem is a homo free zone,” and “Obama has released the homo demons on the black man. Look out black woman. A white homo may take your man.”

Civil liberties advocates say the First Amendment protects the church’s pastor, Dr James David Manning, and his sign.

Manning hailed the news that the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force had taken up the case, saying that the spray-paint job was motivated by pure and simple hate,” the report notes.

In a video that’s been posted on YouTube, Manning has claimed that the incarceration of black men and the “release” of the “homosexual demon” on black men have made it diffcult for black women to find partners to marry.

Manning also claims that the American president’s hope is to “influence as many black males to subscribe to ideas . . . homosexual, perverted, LGBT, as possible.”