Barack Obama
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Obey your leaders!

Oooh, oooh, a summer election!  Are you as excited as….nobody?

In the US, Barack Obama will be quite showy today in introducing a new bill that grants — wait for it — equal benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees (big deal — we did that in Canada a decade ago!).

Activists are hardly impressed, since they're still holding a grudge over the Obama administration's comparison of gay marriage to incest (they're so sensitive!) and the lack of action on repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." What's especially sad about Obama's cowardice on these issues is that the rest of the country seems to be way ahead of him.

Obama could use a distraction right about now and hooray, hope and change have arrived in the ever-reliable form of the Republican Sex Scandal!  Oh, how we've missed you!  Yes, Nevada's Republican Senator and "defender of traditional marriage" John Ensign seems to have had trouble defending his own.  Watch the delightful Rachel Maddow tear into him:

I hope we hear a lot more from Maddow in the next couple weeks, so as to offset all the Bruno!  He's gonna be everywhere, starting with his nude GQ cover:

The article inside is hilarious (and hey, more Chris Pine!) but, as with Perez Hilton, is a flamboyant fictional character our best representative?  A few queer celebs chime in:
We'll all find out when the movie opens in July but, long before then, I'll be taking the next day off, as my boyfriend has asked me along on a trip to visit his parents in rural Ontario (just as long as there's a Starbucks!) and, when I'm back on Friday, I'll be checking out the "Klymaxx" party in Toronto, hosted by my PWA Bike Rally team leaders:
A mere puppet, I obey!  Obey!  Besides, I figure I'll leave Obama alone for a day and see if he does anything.
See you Friday!