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“Off the Chart” L Word podcast, Episode Six: Lights, Camera, (Lots of) Action

The L Word Tina and Bette
Credit: Paul Michaud / © Showtime / Courtesy: Everett Collection

“Jesus Christ, it’s like South Beach threw up in here.” — Shane McCutcheon at Dawn Denbo’s Shebar

We’ve gone full meta! In season five, we enjoy the movie version of the book version of the television series The L Word (yes, you read that correctly)—because we’ve reached the point in this series where nothing makes sense! We hit the set of Lez Girls, where Jenny has reached peak diva, and meet closeted Hollywood star Niki Stevens (Kate French), white man movie mogul William Halsey (Wallace Shawn) and Jenny’s doting assistant Adele Channing (Malaya Drew). Meanwhile, Shane can’t keep it in her pants and sparks a lesbian club war between Kit and Dawn Denbo (Elizabeth Keener) and her lover Cindy. Tasha fights for her right to keep serving in the military. And Tina finally shows some emotion! It’s the beginning of the end, baby.

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