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Official interpretations of final instructions

Brian Topp insists that Jack Layton wanted a seven-month race like the previous one, and Olivia Chow backs him up on that. One
has to wonder whether this means that we'll see a stream of interpretations of Layton's
final letter by those close to him, to continue to reassure the party faithful about whatever it is they plan (or possibly, interpretations of said letter will become
battle lines in the NDP leadership race). And here’s another look at that race to refresh your memories.

Libby Davies writes about the next steps for the NDP, which includes realizing that the party is under more scrutiny than
ever before and that a merger with the Liberals is a non-starter (no matter
how much certain journalists like Evan Solomon keep baiting people to talk
about it).

To balance out hiring anglophone/allophone
(his first language being Italian) Angelo Persichilli, the Prime Minister’s Office has announced that it is hiring a new Quebec advisor – André Bachand,
a former Progressive Conservative MP with nationalist tendencies and a former
opponent of the PC/Alliance merger. But seriously – a “Quebec
advisor?” Don’t you have MPs from Quebec in your caucus for that kind of thing?
Just saying.

Heading into their caucus retreat, the
Conservatives insist they’re not taking their eye off the economic ball in the fall
and say they feel it might be a less partisan sitting. I’ll believe that one when I
see it.

Stephen Harper spent his long weekend in
New York City and took in a baseball game.

Sheila Copps is now officially running to
be Liberal Party president.

Up today: Hedy Fry and Bob Rae are
holding some closed-door roundtables on healthcare.

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