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Oh, Deer

Well, if this isn’t the most adorable news of the week… It’s actually good to know that the Toronto Police’s SWAT unit is trained in deer rescue. And it is somewhat surprising that a lost deer can get from Union Station to Dundas Street in rush hour without getting run over. That beats many cyclists. I’m assuming the deer got to Union on the morning train from Oshawa.

Speaking of transit, I’m sure we’re all aware that the TTC is proving its incompetence once again, with its release of adult tickets to temporarily replace tokens until the fare hike comes into effect on Jan 3. The tickets are a huge pain in the ass, because they don’t work in most TTC subway station entrances and turnstyles, causing huge backlogs at major choke points. It’s unfortunate that this is all happening as the TTC is experimenting with using Japanese-style herders to move people at Bloor-Yonge Station, since their impact is likely multiplied. Next, the TTC could try using actual cattle prods to move people to the south ends of the station.

Also bizarre: according to the National Post’s promo piece on the DVD release of Bruno, gay marriage remains a “hot topic” in Canada, with the public “still unsure of where they stand on the issue."

Meanwhile in the city, tonight OutTV will be taping a live comedy special at the Al Green Theatre featuring some of my favourite queer comedians, including Andrew Johnston, Paul Hutcheson, Ian Lynch and others. There are still some FREE tickets available, which you can claim by e-mailing


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