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Oh for – seriously Rob Ford? Seriously?

I never thought I would say this, but I miss the old Rob Ford. I know, I know, but hear me out: back in the day, Rob Ford may have been equally as bad as he is now, but at least he actually tried to hide it. Not very well, but at least he made the effort, damn it! Fast-forward to Rob and Doug Ford’s last radio show, where the two of them discuss how they would totally pass up going to their cabin if they could put together a Canada Day parade. See if you can find the thinly veiled subtext!

“We should be as patriotic as anything,” said Councillor Ford. “We should be having a Canada Day parade. We should have the troops going down with us waving the flags,” he said. Mayor Ford piped in. “I couldn’t agree with you more.” His brother pledged back, “Next year, let’s make it happen.” Nunziata agreed. “We are all proud to be Canadian and we should celebrate and have a parade.” If a July 1 parade is planned the Fords might have to alter an annual tradition. (Via the Toronto Star)

Yeah, it’s too bad there isn’t currently a parade planned for July 1 that will feature men in uniform waving flags.

Honestly, he really isn’t trying to hide the whole “latent homophobia” thing anymore, is he? He’s almost cartoonish in his dickery, I swear. I half expect him to twirl a mustache while tying a sepia-toned girl to the train tracks.

Look, if Rob Ford doesn’t want to join the Pride parade, the least he could do is just say no, rather than try and ham-fistedly jump through these ridiculous hoops. Like my mother always said, “If you’re gonna be a vindictive bitch, at least have the courtesy to be clever about it."

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