Toronto Diary
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Oh goodie, street drugs will melt your flesh off now

Because someone apparently looked at opiates one day and thought, "Yes, these are nice, but what if they were way stronger and ATE THROUGH YOUR GODDAMN FLESH?!" meet Krokodil! It's a derivative of morphine and is slowly gaining popularity across the globe, especially in Russia. And as I mentioned before, it has one teensy, wee little caveat . . .


You think I'm kidding, right? That it's probably just some gross side-effect that's relatively harmless, right? Well . . . look, I can't specifically show you the side-effects, because this isn't a shock site or anything. So I'm going to super-impose a picture of a smiling puppy over the graphic part of a picture featuring a woman peeling the decaying skin off the leg of another woman. If that's not enough to shake you off drugs, feel free to click here for a full gallery of the kind of horror that you see only out of the corners of your eyes every time you look away from a mirror (WARNING: I'm really not kidding here. It's severely NSFW).

Consider this a lesson, kids: don't do drugs or your flesh will melt off and you will die horribly. Sleep tight! 

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