Toronto Diary
1 min

Oh hey, when did Joey Lawrence get hot?

I’m gonna level with you here: last night I may have had a few too many vodka/pink lemonades.

And by a few too many, I mean eight. Or nine. It’s one of those two numbers. Point is, I woke up preeeeeeeetty far gone, went to the gym with my shirt inside out, and I’m pretty sure I twisted my ankle chasing after one of those caterers carrying a tray of those super tasty steaky-bready things. Seriously: how good were those? So worth the bum foot.

Point being, I’m not on top my game today because I’m still super shitty and dehydrated from the combination of fermented sugar and non-fermented sugar. Bad combination. So instead of anything thoughtful or insightful, let’s all just stare at Joey Lawrence’s new super-buff body and try to figure out the over/under on how many steroid needles he’s taken in the ass. (Oh, who am I kidding; like the fist of an angry God I would hit that. Sploosh.)

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