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Oh look, they finally found the Higgs boson

Following Anderson Cooper’s coming out as the second “something we already knew was confirmed” bit to come out this week, CERN scientists have announced the discovery — more or less — of the Higgs boson, the mythical “God particle” that finally completes the standard model of physics that serves as the basis of everything in the universe. Mass, force . . . all of that is now explained thanks to the Higgs boson.

Despite being discovered only recently, the Higgs boson has more or less been around for a while now, but only in theory; the concept is that there’s an energy field that occupies everything there is, which gives particles their mass, made up of tiny pieces called Higgs boson. So basically, science just successfully came to a conclusion as to how everything more or less works. This is the scientific equivalent of winning the lottery whilst balls deep in Ryan Gosling (or Christina Hendricks, for the ladyfolk). 

So basically, next time you’re wandering around your apartment looking for your car keys, just remember: scientists were able to find one of the smallest components of mass in the space of a fraction of a millisecond using a complex, miles-long super collider that nearly destroyed the universe, and you can’t find your keys in between the couch cushions. 


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