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Oh my legs!

Hello, faithful readers!  I'm delighted to be crawling my way back to you after a week's absence. 

After six days of cycling from Toronto to Montreal, I probably should've taken it easy this past weekend but c'mon, it's Montreal!  This was the sight on Sunday afternoon:

The downtown street was closed off for a big gay dance party that no amount of rain could hold back.  The Diver/Cité festival was the perfect welcome for the hundreds of Friends for Life Bike Rally riders who arrived in the city on Friday afternoon:

So while I was thrilled to arrive after my third annual tour and spend a lovely weekend dancing about, it was only late Monday night — arriving home in Toronto — that I stopped long enough to realize how truly exhausting it all was.  (Not that I'm looking for sympathy, of course — merely a few more pledges to reach my goal in support of people living with HIV/AIDS.)

This morning, I wish I had Christian Ronaldo's legs — not only are they very sexy but they're now worth $144 million (hopefully, that means the other parts of him are going for much less)!

So as I get back to work here on the blog — stalking Ricky Martin or fuming over juvenile attempts at stoking homophobia at the movies — I'm continuing to rest up, leaving discussions of racists, NDP foolishness, John Baird and (ugh) Kathy Shaidle to my brilliant fellow bloggers Rob Salerno, Dale SmithMatt Guerin and of course Montreal Simon.

Of all of them, Sean Horlor's Vancouver Pride weekend may have left him as tired as me but then he's young and glamourous — all I have is my stubbornness!  But sometimes, that's almost enough:

If I can do it, you can do it.  Something to ponder until we meet again tomorrow…