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‘Oh, she’s awful!’

Meaningless adventures Paris Hilton could appreciate

Site: Bryanboy: Le Superstar Fabuleux

Gay Asian twink Bryanboy describes his blog as, “The adventures of the new- moneyed classess [sic] bitch from hell.” The 23-year-old fashion contributor to the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Just Shop Magazine shares his meaningless adventures with a flaming, witty tongue. He poses in “fashionable” outfits in innumerable photos. Miss Jay and Paris Hilton would surely applaud with fluffy-headed admiration.

He shares his thoughts on Xanax, fave celebs, friends and labels (“Random Cheesemax”) and the contents of his various Chanel bags (“Handbag Insider”). See Bryanboy proudly buy his Hermes Birkin Bag (HK$51,900; US$10,000 approximately). Meet Kelly Van Der Birkinson, a rubber chicken Bryanboy describes as his “nouveaux best friend.” It’s all very shallow yet utterly enthralling. As a good friend of mine would say (with a smile), “Oh, she’s awful!”