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Ohhhhhh my! George Takei is coming to Archie Comics

For a comic firmly rooted in the 1950s, Archie Comics is probably one of the most forward-thinking series out today. Over the past couple years, we’ve seen a gay character, Kevin Keller, come out and get married, which puts the fictional Archie universe ahead of something like 95 percent of the entire world.

And now it’s jumping even further into the future, by bringing in Star Trek’s George Takei for a guest role in an upcoming issue. Great, now I can’t stop muttering “Ohhhhhhh myyyyyy” to myself. Fantastic.

As an advocate for LGBT affairs, just like Kevin in his comic, Takei felt his appearance would be a wonderful way to reach young people who may be isolated because of their family beliefs and communities.

Seeing the illustrated version of himself was just icing on the cake.

"I was flattered because I had more hair, and Brad was flattered because he had less waistline,” Takei says with a laugh. “Isn’t that the wonderful thing about comics? Riverdale is an idealized society, and it’s an idealized Brad and me.” [SOURCE]

And yes, I know that somewhere out there is a story that George had dinner with that merkin-headed scrotum troll, Donald Trump, but I’m going to overlook that because George Takei is a national treasure. You hear me? NATIONAL TREASURE. 

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