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Old electronics can benefit YSB

Mooney’s Bay Computer (MBC) will host an e-waste collection event June 1 that will also act as a fundraiser for Youth Services Bureau (YSB).

The event is part of the broader Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) electronic waste recycling program. As of 2010, 44 types of electronic items, from cellphones to computers, are accepted at more than 600 approved collection sites across the province.

In addition to recycling old electronics, the program retrieves precious base metals. OES cites the medals awarded at the Vancouver Olympics, which contained recycled base metals, as an example of repurposing these discarded elements.

According to OES, 82 percent of households have at least one electronic item that does not work or is not being used. The goal of the program is to keep these out-of-order electronics that contain hazardous materials out of landfills.

“The charities that the event benefits are really important to everyone here,” MBC media contact Rachel Alexis says.

“YSB’s walk-in mental-health clinic is a great resource for teenagers. It’s totally unrealistic to assume that your kids will speak to you about all of their issues, and the repercussions of not speaking can be tragic,” Alexis says. “A walk-in mental-health clinic, and the services that stem from those visits, are vital to some kids. We’re raising as much as we can in order to ensure that the YSB is able to continue to offer this kind of help.”

Previous MBC e-waste fundraisers benefited Do It for Daron’s (DIFD) youth mental-health services and the Children’s Aid Society.

If you are unable to attend but have unwanted electronics, visit the OES website to find the closest OES-approved collection site.

Mooney’s Bay Computer e-waste fundraiser

Sat, June 1

733 Ridgewood Ave 

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