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Old, gay and retiring

Aging gay seniors with oodles of money should keep Project
BOOM on their radars.

BOOM is a gay-friendly seniors community being developed in
California. The compound will be a mix of more than 300 residences with an
entertainment complex, boutique hotel, wellness centre and spa.

The developers decided to focus on gays because they  “would be determined to live only in a
community whose design was in synch with a sophisticated, active
lifestyle.” Housing complexes are
to have names such as “Golden Girls,” for gals with pals, and “The Birdcage,” for
partners with kids. 

The goal of BOOM was originally to attract gay seniors over
65 since, the developers reasoned, “research suggested that many gays go back
into the closet at that age due to fear of discrimination in nursing homes.”
The minimum age was then scaled back to 55 and then — wait for it — to 40.

A senior at 40? Even if the reasoning behind the new minimum
age is that “there is a break in lifestyle at 40 from going out and partying
to looking for something more meaningful,” I think 40 is a little young and
that 65 seems just right.

I also think the Senior Pride
Network in Ottawa is pushing the age limits when they host events open to
seniors over the age 50 — but after reading BOOM’s idea of old…


One thing that BOOM and the Senior Pride Network of Ottawa
have in common is that, although the network may not be developing a community
complex, they are making sure that no one has to go back into the closet when
it’s time to go into a residential home.


And while we are on the subject of safe havens for gays —
John Suggs, a gay man from Atlanta, Georgia, bought Crest Lawn Memorial Park in
downtown Atlanta for queer couples to be buried with their families, friends
and other gays.





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