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Old Hollywood hustler writes gay tell-all

The rumours have been around for decades, but now Hollywood hustler Scotty Bowers has written a memoir titled Full Service (appropriately chosen since his connection to the stars originated with his job at a Tinseltown gas station). In the book he reveals his sexual liaisons with some of Hollywood’s elite, including James Dean (please, dear God, let that one be true), Rock Hudson (duh), Cary Grant (yes, please), J Edgar Hoover (who apparently fucked his driver in front of Bowers), Tyrone Power (who was allegedly a scat deviant), Ramon Novarro (who Bowers claims liked to blow 15 guys at once), and many more, including Randolph Scott, Spencer Tracy, the Duke of Windsor, Tennessee Williams, Marlon Brando and Roddy McDowall. He also dishes on the ladies, including sending more than 100 girls in the direction of Katharine Hepburn.

Since the people Bowers is kissing and telling about are deceased, it’s impossible to verify the legitimacy of his stories, although there is some backing of his claims, including statements from Gore Vidal and George Cukor, who place the now 88-year-old author in several Hollywood beds. 

Check out one part of Bowers’ Q&A during a book signing in Los Angeles:

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