Toronto Diary
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Olympic torch flames out upon entering Russia

If you’ve never heard the term “pathetic fallacy,” chances are you’ve at least seen an example of it: it’s when weather somehow reflects the general mood of the narrative. (For instance, when someone gets upset and it starts raining. There, we learned something today! Possibly!)

Well, consider this a real-life example of pathetic fallacy: the Olympic torch is currently making its way to Sochi for the Winter Olympics, and as is tradition, it’s being relayed over by a team of normal, everyday people all the way from Greece.

In an eerily accurate representation of Russia’s anti-gay policies and their impact on the Olympics and the general population, the Olympic torch was instantly snuffed out by the wind the moment it entered Russia. Seriously, nothing would sum up Russia’s views on out queer people than a flame being instantly extinguished as soon as it enters the country.