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Olympic Weekend – GOLD!!!!

So how many of you haven't been able to get Constant Craving out of your head since kd lang took the world stage at the Opening Ceremonies on Friday? Holy shit. She killed it! SO PROUD! And the level of amazingness that followed in Vancouver. I don't even have words for it.

I am a big Canada fan, people. Let's be honest: I can't watch most of the Olympic coverage without getting all teary-eyed. The forest part of the Opening Ceremonies…<tear>…the Prairies tribute featuring Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now" <tear>…Jennifer Heil, Kristina Goves winning medals…<cheering>…Seriously, congrats to our first two medalists. And for Alexandre Bilodeau…I'm devoting this post to Canada's first Golden Boy on home soil.

He won the men's moguls on Cypress Mountain last night and probably a lot of hearts across the country. If you were in Vancouver, you would've heard the city explode. And listen: the guy even started crying talking to reporters when talking about his win and his relationship with his brother.

Congratulations, Alexandre!

And here's an interesting profile on some out lesbian athletes competing at these games.

I've got a lot planned this week on Up Your Alley. I managed to capture an exclusive video interview with Russell Small from The Freemasons when he played Celebrities on Saturday night. That was an UBELIEVEABLE DJ set so make sure you check out some of Celebrities upcoming Olympic shows. I'm aiming to have it edited and ready this week. 

In the meantime, see you out there!


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