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Omnibus crime bill reminders

Here’s a long and thoughtful piece that reminds us that, according to the new omnibus crime bill, teenagers passing around a joint
at a party makes them traffickers and organized criminals, punishable by two years in jail – and all of the really bad fallout that goes with it.

What’s that? The government is imposing
even stricter message control over the RCMP, so that it gets the final say
over RCMP communications and media statements? You don’t say!

Niki Ashton has unveiled some of her supporters
– most at the local and provincial level.

A growing number of Conservatives are
increasingly uneasy about their own government’s position on asbestos. And yay
for backbenchers waking up to the fact that they’re supposed to hold the
government to account just as much as the opposition is.

Here’s an explainer piece about supply
management, in case you’ve been wondering what the fuss is all about.

The polygamy reference trial in BC is due
to have a verdict handed down on Wednesday.

And my personal hero, Susan Delacourt of
the Toronto Star, won the Charles
Lynch Award
 for journalism at this year’s Press Gallery dinner. Susan is the
kind of journalist that I look up to, who always has something insightful to
contribute to any story, who brings new perspectives that many other
journalists are oblivious to, and who had a lot of time for this journalist when
he was getting started on the Hill. Bravo! So very well deserved.

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