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ON THE WEB: Jockohomo

Painters, nudists, writers, weight lifters

Jockohomo is a blog of “modern ideas.” A nice burly gay bloke named Jim has been sharing his various interests with the public since September 2000. The topics are frequently art-based: advertising, design, painting and sculpture. He’s also obsessed with bodybuilding, wrestling and dance-based music, so there’s always a sexy photo here and a hot mp3 download there.

Recent stories have included the making of artist Damien Hirst’s Diamond Skull — with step-by-step photos of the process — and pornstar Francois Sagat’s dazzling superhero-figure photoshoot with photographer Bernard Wilhelm.

My favourite entry has to be the weirdly flavoured condoms one in which Jim shares links to stories like one from India about a tobacco-flavoured rubber. It’s targeted toward prostitutes and intended to make sucking more palatable.

Oh, and how about this: combustible tattoo ink that is permanent but easily removable with lasers.

So much information! So good!