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Once you go black . . .

Because God is punishing me for all the bad karma I’ve accumulated on this blog this past year, I have a bitch of a cold. She better run her course by tomorrow, because the Village is hopping with New Year’s Eve parties, which I’ll be reviewing in my next Blitz & Shitz column. How will I find the energy? I’m not a coke whore, just a regular one, so Red Bull it is. Oh #firstworldproblems. 

Big Roger throws some great events in Vancouver, including the beloved United all-nighters. Their next party, “Day One,” with New York City’s DJ Tony Moran and our own Adam Dreaddy, is sure to be a massive blowout, as usual, and an epic way to ring in 2012. 

Big Roger is also doing something that I think is a really cool way to give back to charity, as well as their devoted party people. The Black Card is available two ways: 1) You’re special and get it for supporting Big Roger by attending/volunteering at their events, or 2) You win it at an auction or as a raffle/door prize, with the proceeds raised going to charities, including Loving Spoonful, YouthCo, McLaren Housing Society, Friends for Life, the Dr Peter AIDS Foundation, Vancouver Pride Society and Red Cross. 

What do the Black Cards get you? Privilege, baby. Skip the line, get in for free, enjoy the VIP areas, and even share the wealth with a plus one! 

So keep an eye out for the cards the next time you’re feeling generous. Because we all know giving is so much better when you also get. Don’t even try to deny it, you slut! 

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