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Once you go black you never go back

But it’s not why you might think, you pervert!

A few days ago President Obama was reelected, and he’s already proving to the world that America made the right choice by giving him a second term. All you have to do is watch this video of the teary-eyed president thanking his campaign staff to know that he is arguably the most compassionate, sensitive and beautiful man the United States has ever had the good fortune of calling their leader. Sorry, George W Bush . . .

Obama’s senior advisor Valerie Jarrett has also given the official word that President Obama is “absolutely delighted” that marriage equality votes in Maine, Maryland, Washington and Minnesota “all came down on the right side of history.” To top it off, Jarrett said that the White House “couldn’t be more thrilled that Wisconsin is sending [first out LGBT senator] Tammy Baldwin to the Senate."
Nothing more to say except that I’m feeling particularly gay today. The happy and fabulous kind.