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One dead, one injured in Radiohead stage crash

Normally when you go out to a concert, you expect the worst-case scenario to be something simple, like drunk hecklers or sound problems, or maybe the performer is a little late. You usually do not expect the goddamn stage to collapse in on itself and kill someone. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened at today’s Radiohead concert. From the Toronto Star:

One man is dead and another is in hospital with serious head injuries after a stage collapsed at Downsview Park Saturday afternoon, forcing the cancellation of a sold-out Radiohead concert. 

A man in his 30s was pronounced dead at the park shortly after the stage collapsed around 4 p.m., police said. Another man, 45, was taken to Sunnybrook hospital with serious but not life-threatening head injuries. Paramedics assessed two other male victims for minor injuries, but released them shortly after.

“It was a really, really loud noise,” said Amy Kang, 22, who was working at a beer tent about 100 metres away when the stage fell apart. “I think some people were in there.” Kang said park security told her and the other workers to leave the park.

Well, that’s just fucking terrible. Sorry to the family and friends of the deceased. Honestly, are you telling me they couldn’t double check to make sure the entire stage wouldn’t turn into a screaming death trap? Damn it, people . . . Well, on the plus side, at least we don’t have to pretend like Radiohead’s recent work is any good.

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