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One Million Moms refuse to stay silent

BY ADAM M GLEN – All right, One Million Moms. We get it. You don't like us. 

The radical rightwing group, which attempted to have comedian Ellen DeGeneres removed as the spokeswoman for JCPenney, is going after the Day of Silence, an event that will be held in Canadian and American schools on Friday, April 20. The event, aimed at drawing attention to anti-queer bullying in schools, has been held since 1996. One Million Moms (who may have a few less moms than they say they have) is encouraging parents to keep their kids home from school. If you want to know why, check out this super reasonable and totally non-bigoted PDF from the walkout's official website.  

Some friends of OMM known as the Florida Family Association, who you may remember from our previous coverage over EA Games' support for BioWare's queer content, have been hard at work attempting to ruin Gay Day at Disney World.


The banner the Florida Family Association is flying over Orlando.

The event, held at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, since 1991, attracts hundreds of thousands of queer couples and their families to the park every June. FFA will be flying a plane with a banner over Orlando to warn families not to take their kids to the park that day. Though the event is not sanctioned by Disney, the corporation has never taken any issue with it and treats it just like any other day.  

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