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Online life meets cinema

We connect. It’s what we do.

Whether it’s in “real” life or “online” life, we, as a species, like to connect. Sometimes those connections are fleeting, nothing more than a casual flirtation or perhaps a small conversation.  But we connect with one another, in more ways than we ever did before.

For more and more of us in the western world, we establish those connections through online means. Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Grindr, blogs, etc. We allow people access to parts of our lives which were previously kept hidden or quiet, or at the very least, known only to close friends. But today, we share. We share a lot. So what happens when you share how and who you fall in love with?

So allow me to introduce you to Tanner, a recent college grad  and Matthew, a gogo dancer and club promoter.  

They’re two people who recently met and with the help of filmmaker Cory Krueckeber, are looking to document their romance, in whatever fashion it may come in a film called The Go Doc Project.

Krueckeber is looking to raise funds for his projects through Kickstarter, a crowdsourcing website that allows web denizens to donate money on projects to help them come to fruition. In the case of this project:
For three weeks in September and October, we’ll follow the guys all over New York City with a camera – into cafes & bars, onto rooftops & dance floors & ultimately into their living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms & bedrooms. The excitement of not knowing exactly what we’ll end up with is what it’s all about. Following that, we’ll shoot a series of interviews with them as well as with NYC nightlife luminaries.


You can find out more about this project at The Go Doc Project’s Kickstarter page.

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