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Only slightly less ridiculous excuses

A day later, Harper and company tried again. This time, instead of making the patently absurd allegations that somehow Michael Ignatieff caused the loss of our seat on the Security Council, they decided on a different, if only slightly less ridiculous line, which was that it was because we took a “principled stand,” and therefore we weren’t bothered. Um, right – does that mean that Germany and Portugal aren’t principled? And while yes, all of the Conservative apologists have been banging on about how we don’t suck up to “dictators and thugs,” by all accounts it wasn’t just dictatorial regimes who were voting against us. After all, the laundry list of reasons not to vote for Canada is a long one under this government, and few of those reasons have to do with standing up to Iran for its human rights abuses.

Speaking of Ignatieff, he met with the editorial board of the Toronto Star yesterday, and it sounds like the next Liberal platform will be scaling back on previous proposals because the Conservatives have spent the cupboard bare, and there’s no fiscal room because of the record deficits. For example, resurrecting their childcare program will be reduced to trying to create childcare spaces. Offering to pay the tuition of students in their first and last year will be scaled back to promises on tuition and debt relief. And do you know what? That was Stephen Harper’s plan all along – making sure that the Liberals couldn’t come up with broad sweeping plans in the future. And it looks like he’s succeeded.

What’s this? Human Resources and Skills Development wants to include escort and stripper positions on the Job Bank website? The Conservatives are fighting mad over it, calling it journalism worthy of the National Enquirer, but the journalist apparently has the draft memo (which, of course, the Conservatives are explaining away).

The Rideau Institute says the F-35 fighters are a bad idea, and the Liberals have committed to cancelling the process (not the contract – it won’t be signed until 2013, no matter what Tony Clement tries to say) if specific questions aren't answered, like what are the mission parameters and the rationale for these fighters.

The federal government has quietly ordered a study of the construction industry and links to cronyism and infiltration by organized crime – the kind of probe the Quebec government has been steadfastly avoiding. It’s expected to report back next year sometime.

And Michael Ignatieff unveiled a new get-to-know-the-real-me video today, which includes a couple of subtle jabs at Harper and Layton. Take it for what it’s worth.

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