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Ontario government debuts new ad to promote sex-ed updates

Protests planned against curriculum

With a new school year on the horizon, Ontario’s Ministry of Education has started promoting the updated sex-education curriculum that schools will be teaching.

In the 32-second spot, kids are confronted with a host of questions around sexual health and bullying, including one young boy who just can’t wrap his brain around the tiny pair of grooms decorating a wedding cake.

Under the updated curriculum, students in all four publicly-funded school systems will now learn the correct terminology for body parts, including genitalia, in Grade 1. In Grade 3, students will be expected to explain why differences like gender identity and sexual orientation make people unique. In Grade 6, they will discuss the effects of stereotypes relating to homophobia and assumed gender roles, among other issues. And in Grade 8, gender identity and expression — including two-spirit, transgender and intersex — and sexual orientation will be explored, including how they can relate to building a more positive self-image.

The updated curriculum will also cover online bullying, consent and safe sex.

There has been strong opposition to the new curriculum, including two large protests outside of Queen’s Park. The next wave of demonstrations took place on Wednesday, Sept 2, 2015, according to the Campaign Life Coalition website, with community members protesting outside of their MPP’s office.

Education Minister Liz Sandals told the CBC that the ad is aimed at parents as well as students.