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Ontario man gets Tasered and is kind of awesome about it

Hopefully, the good people of Brantford can fill me in because I really don’t know the context of this. Anyway, let’s get to it: Jacob Less, who, according to the video, is homeless, was subdued by police for… something. Honestly, they never really said why. The only thing that police had on him was a warrant, yet they never really said what it was for.

It turns out that Jacob is so awesomely crazy that he sang prayers to God just before the police hit him with a Taser. And in case the internet hasn’t already made this abundantly clear (seriously, somewhere around 15 percent of internet postings are Tasering videos. The web eats that shit up), being Tasered hurts like hell. My cousin got it once, and he said it felt like being hit with a baseball bat. Immediately after being Tasered, Jacob was all, like, “Fuck this” and then cheesed it out of there.

And that’s how Canadians get Tasered. Americans, stop being such pussies. 

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