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Oops, Britney Spears vs the media… again

I grew up with Britney and think she's the most amazing person in the world. I have loved her since the beginning when she was just a 17-year-old girl in a kilt marketing her career off pedophilia. I even wrote her a fan letter when I was 10 and never forgave her for not writing back. I was a young teenager when she got married to Jason Alexander for a couple hours because she "wanted to know what it felt like." I completely got it. Who didn't want to know what it felt like? In that moment, Britney stopped being a product and started being cool. I admit that my devotion waned during the K-Fed era until my Southern girl started crying during her 2006 interview with Matt Lauer. Remember that one? The pink top, the denim skirt, the platinum hair, the smudged mascara? I knew then that there had never been, or would ever be, anyone more fabulous than Ms Britney Spears.

Not since Princess Diana has a woman been exploited in the media as much as Britney, but then again, no one has exploited the media as much as she has.

Details have been revealed about her new video for "I Wanna Go." (But since my source is Perez Hilton, take it with a grain of salt.) Allegedly, the Chris Marrs Piliero-directed video starts with Britney giving a press conference to reporters who are actually robots. They ask her inappropriate questions, she storms off and starts fantasizing about a cute boy (Matthew McConaughey and Kellan Lutz have reportedly been asked to feature) who, gasp, is also a robot. Expect many paparazzi, sort of like in… basically every single music video the girl has ever made.

"Overprotected," "Everytime," "My Prerogative," "Piece of Me," "Radar," "Hold It Against Me"…

I'm probably forgetting a few. It's just… again? Of course I'll love it. Of course I'll tell everyone it's better than Gaga's new video. Because when you turn on the TV one day and see your childhood idol being wheeled out of her house strapped to a gurney with hundreds of paparazzi chasing her ambulance, you will forgive her for anything.

Britney is back in Vancouver on July 1! Get your tickets for the Femme Fatale tour with Britney and Nicki Minaj at LiveNation.

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