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Open relationships, the UN and the Obama hookup cyclist disaster

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Half of gay men have had open relationships

FS Magazine found that in a survey of a thousand gay UK men, over 40 percent were in or had experienced an open relationship. The survey also showed divided opinions, however, with a quarter of monogamous men believing that open relationships were not “real relationships.”

Man tackled by Obama security on the way to a hookup

A New York man was biking to hook up with another man he met on an online dating website when he accidentally breezed through an area secured for President Barack Obama’s motorcade. He was tackled to the ground and, tragically, missed his date.

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Singapore cracks down on foreign Pink Dot sponsors

The Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs says foreign sponsors can no longer give money to Pink Dot, the country’s annual gay pride celebration. Pink Dot has brought in sponsor money from major corporations such as Google and General Electric, but the government says foreign entities should not interfere in national affairs.

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Groups blocked by Muslim countries want to be at AIDS summit

Two dozen civil society groups that were blocked by Muslim countries from attending a United Nations AIDS summit are protesting their ejection. Countries at the summit can veto organizations without providing a reason, and a group of 51 Muslim nations banned all groups with LGBT ties.

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Russia tries to strip gay decriminalization from UN policy

The United Nations plan to end the HIV epidemic by 2030 includes treating homosexuality and drug use as “human rights” and not criminal issues, but Russia is having none of it. Along with Iran and Poland, Russia is trying to strip the language from the policy in the name of “sovereign rights.”

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