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Openly lesbian comedienne Kate McKinnon joins SNL

Meet Kate McKinnon.

She’s the newest cast member on Saturday Night Live, which means she’ll have to spend her tenure listening to all the people bitching and moaning about how the show hasn’t been funny since (insert name of talented, sexy comedienne here) left. But Kate is different. Not only is Kate a respected and witty sketch comedienne — she’s now officially SNL’s first openly lesbian cast member.

I’ve checked out a few of her sketches, and so far, she’s pretty good. I’m going off a bit of a limited sampling here, but not only was she a member of The Big Gay Sketch Show, but judging by the video below, I have to say she has chops. Seriously, she can do more comedically with her eyes than most people can do with their whole bodies. That takes talent. Go, funny lesbian!

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