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Orange Mocha Frappuccinos!!!

As Barack Obama continues to build an impressive lead against John McCain in the US presidential race, one ridiculous 67-page PDF claims it's because Obama is hypnotizing the public! You know what else is ridiculous and hypnotizing? The image below, which I hope to see a lot more of on Nov. 5: 

Of course, if Americans are in more of a Mugatu mood, they could vote for Sarah Palin, who says that gay marriage must be stopped and that small towns are "pro-America areas." Jon Stewart, the New Yorker who's almost singlehandedly kept us all sane through eight years of this kind of bullshit, spoke for a great many of us with a good old, "Fuck you."

Carrie Fisher probably said something similar to her ex-husband, who claims that she made him gay. Maybe, but since the sight of Fisher and her metal bikini in 'Return of the Jedi' got a generation of nerds grabbing their lightsabers, I wouldn't rank her with Liza Minnelli just yet.

Halloween costumes for your dog? Just. Say. No.

Richard Blackwell, whose bitchy one-liners could destroy the celebrities on his "Worst Dressed List" every year since 1960, died this week, moments after declaring, "Either Victoria Beckham's outfit goes or I do."

US network television is still squeamish about any depiction of gay romance (haven't those soap opera teens done it yet?) but, judging from this promo for tonight's episode of "House" on Fox, they are down with the lesbians: