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Orlando Cruz wins boxing match in rainbow flag kilt

In a sport as glaringly driven by machismo as boxing, some wouldn’t expect a fighter to come out as openly gay, nor would they expect someone to celebrate it openly. However, they would be severely underestimating the amount of ass Orlando Cruz can kick at any given moment.

In a featherweight bout with Aalan Martinez, Orlando Cruz came out in a boxing kilt (side note: anyone else appreciate a fine-looking man in a kilt? Anyone?) designed to look like the gay pride flag, and then proceeded to win by knockout. 

After the fight he thanked a number of people including his trainers, his friends and “his LGBT community.”  He also got emotional when mentioning his grandmother – who passed away last year – and dedicated the victory to her.

During the fight he wore a multicolor boxing kilt with Puerto Rican flags on both sides. One of the flags was red, white and blue, the other flag’s stripes reflected the color of the rainbow as a sign of gay pride. [SOURCE]

So let’s recap here: Orlando Cruz is a ripped, Latino, professional fighter who wears rainbow kilts and kicks tons of ass? There’s a term for this, I know there is . . . Ah, yes: *Sploosh*


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