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Other priorities of strategic importance

Participants at the Aug 16 emergency meeting to discuss building a queer community centre were also asked what other issues they consider to be of immediate strategic importance.

Their suggestions include:

* more varied and consistent youth programming throughout the year;

* more effective communication of HIV prevention, particularly targetted to youth;

* teaching the history of the gay and lesbian movement to youth;

* trans rights, trans access, trans involvement;

* easy access to all facilities, including bars and washrooms, for handicapped persons;

* under-reporting of hate crimes, partner abuse and other forms of violence;

* involvement of queers from minority groups, including Somali and Lebanese gays and lesbians;

* making schools safe for queer children and children of queer parents;

* making streets safe for us;

* recruitment of new volunteers and board members to replace those burned out;

* creating better-functioning boards within community organizations;

* fundraising for community groups, including more paid fundraising staff.