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Ottawa: election results

NDP and Liberal ridings

Some of the election results were predictable while others were not: Ottawa Centre remains under the firm hand of NDP incumbent Paul Dewar, while Gatineau and Hull-Aylmer were won by NDP candidates, breaking the Bloc and Liberal stronghold.

Xtra takes a brief look at the NDP and Liberal wins around Ottawa.

NDP slots:
Ottawa Centre: NDP incumbent Paul Dewar was easily elected for the third time. Liberal candidate Scott Bradley battled for second place but could not upset Dewar, who was the clear favourite from the beginning of the campaign. Dewar is an ally of Ottawa queers and a supporter on issues important to the community.

Hull-Aylmer: Nycole Turmel upset the Liberal incumbent in beating Marcel Proulx, who has held the seat since 1999.

For Françoise Boivin, the third time was the lucky charm. Boivin upset Bloc incumbent Richard Nadeau.

Liberal slots:
Ottawa-South: Liberal David McGuinty won Ottawa South for the fourth time. It was a tough race, with the Conservative candidate Elie Salibi giving a strong showing.

Vanier: Mauril Bélanger managed to hold on to his seat in Vanier, a small victory in the wake of the Liberals’ crushing defeat.