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Ottawa poz man now faces 26 charges

Noxious substances dropped, one count of child porn added

A 29-year-old Ottawa HIV-positive man charged with failing to disclose his health status has had five new charges added to his list, while other charges were dropped.

Before the accused had his bail revoked last month in Superior Court, he was facing 21 charges, including four counts of aggravated sexual assault, three counts of sexual assault, four counts of attempt murder, four counts of administering noxious substance and six counts of breaching probation.

According to court documents obtained by Xtra this week, the accused is now facing 26 charges: four counts of aggravated sexual assault, four counts attempt murder, five counts of sexual assault, eight counts of breaching probation and one count of child pornography possession. He is also facing a total of five charges In Kitchener for similar offences, including three counts of aggravated sexual assault and two failure to comply with probation conditions.

A 24-year-old co-accused Kitchener man also accused of not disclosing his poz status is facing two charges of aggravated sexual assault. He and the Ottawa accused man allegedly had a foursome with two other men in Kitchener. He has been on house arrest since May. His next court appearance is scheduled for Aug 24. 

The men’s accusers are protected by a publication ban; Xtra has declined to publish the names of either accused.

The accused has a Kitchener bail hearing scheduled there via video link on Aug 27. He was arrested on May 6. By the time his next Ottawa court appearance happens on Sept 9, he will have spent more than four months behind bars.

Ottawa police set off nationwide debate after his photo was attached to an email sent out by the Police Liaison Committee with the phrase “sexual predator” attached to it.