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Ottawa spawns new social group for queer women

Just for fun, founder says

Kristina Hall has one thing on many of us. When life just isn’t working out for her she doesn’t sit around and gripe about it. This girl makes the changes all by herself.

Hall couldn’t find a comfortable space within the community — so she’s rocketing ahead with a new women’s social group.

At the time identifying as a bisexual and not enjoying the bar scene, Hall wanted alternative ways to meet women. When she tried to join various groups, she found herself intimidated by cliques and discomfited by the tension between bisexuals and lesbians.

Instead of miserably resigning herself to a monastic life, Hall started Queer Women Ottawa. She hoped to create an inclusive space for women who love women — to meet, talk and build a community.

“I want to unite gay, bisexual, pansexual and curious women into one group with something in common.”

Initially QWO was simply a Facebook group, but Hall quickly whipped up a nifty website. Within two months, it managed to attract a membership of 51 women. The surprisingly high number of interested women clearly indicated that there were others searching for a similar community.

“I think the attraction is we’re not a hobby group, a discussion group, or anything like that. We’re just a social group and our goal is for the members to socialise and have fun.”

Each member of QWO puts together a profile not unlike the profiles in lesbian mag Curve. It’s as open or private as members wish. In turn they receive updates on upcoming events. So far the most popular activity is the discussions between members in the online forums as women get to know each other. But there’s a momentum because each QWO coffee shop meet-up is busier than the last.

While it’s clear that QWO isn’t a dating service, girls will be girls and right now, that corner of the web is abuzz with activity. Hall thinks that’s great.

“It’s kind of like a sisterhood, the good part of high school again. There is something really special when a gang of girls spend time together.”