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Our fave anti-prorogation rally signs

Thousands of Canadians rallied today against Stephen Harper’s
decision to prorogue Parliament. 

Twitter user
@iancapstick estimates over 25,000 people attended
across the country, based on reports from events in over 32 communities.  

In Toronto, thousands gathered in Yonge-Dundas Square and
then marched through the city streets, chanting against the prorogation and Harper.

Organizers handed out tons of signs that read “No to proroguing; yes
to democracy” and “Harper: you can’t hide from war crimes” — the sheer number made for an impressive visual impact. 

But what were some of our fave home-made signs at the Toronto protest?
Read on. Did you see any gems in your city/town? Tweet us a pic @xtra_canada or post a link in the
comments below!


3) “Harper was here"

(pic via @rdi)

Perhaps not the classiest sign ever, but this certainly made a fun, impromptu statement. Horse crap littered the protest
route, and someone clever made this sign on the spot. It was a popular photo-op for passersby. 


2) “What’s that odour?"

A world map with a foul stink emanating from Canada!


1) Marie “Harper” Antoinette 

"What is an elite? Someone who gets paid $317,584 to
ignore the people who pay his salary. 

When you prorogued Parliament for a second time you might
as well have just said: let them eat cake.”

***’s federal politics reporter Dale Smith blogged about Ottawa’s anti-prorogue protest, check it out.

Also in Ottawa, Toronto Star reporter Susan Delacourt tweeted this afternoon, saying her fave sign read: “My sign
is half-assed, like your government.” Amazing! Anyone have a pic?

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