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Our government is afraid of boobs

Take a look at the picture on the left, then the picture on the right. Notice anything?

The one on the left is MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan’s untouched image from her Parliament profile. The one on the right is the retouched version. And in case this wasn’t screamingly obvious, the difference is “tits."

Look, I get that you need to have a certain air of professionalism, but since when is it considered unprofessional to have boobs? Honestly, at this point I think every member of Parliament has boobs, although it’s either because they’re women or because they’re old and male.

I know this is kind of a petty matter, but part of me also smells a whiff of subtle bullshit about this. Once again, it’s the assumption that male tits = good but female tits = bad because they also produce food, and because they give men boners. Which is all shit like this comes down to: men get boners over something they don’t want to admit to, so they try to cover it up in order to get rid of all those shameful, shameful boners. We get it. But stop ruining everyone else’s fun because you have so many issues it counts as a whole subscription.

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