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OUT at TIFF: The Princess of Nebraska

A queer look at the 2007 Toronto Int. Film Fest

For one week in September the best and brightest of the motion picture industry converge for the Toronto International Film Festival. In collaboration with and OUTtv, host Matt Thomas chased down the best of the queer stories from the 2007 festival. We’ll be releasing a new segment right here each week. Don’t miss any of them. And don’t forget to tune-in to OUTtv for the complete series and our special presentation coverage of the whole event, coming soon.



SYNOPSIS: Sasha (Ling Li) is a bisexual college student who, after a Beijing fling, finds herself pregnant and travels to San Francisco to seek an abortion. The film is a rich dramatic tale of the marginalized tempered in the context of a rapidly changing Chinese society.

“There’s a big population of gay and lesbian community in China which the government doesn’t want to recognize and doesn’t talk about,” director Wayne Wang tells Out at TIFF host Matt Thomas. “This film will never play in China officially because they’re so uptight about this kind of stuff but maybe It will play underground.”

VIDEO: Matt Thomas caught up with director Wayne Wang and actor Li Ling.

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