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Out in Ottawa: Feb 1–15, 2017

Choice events in the city

On Feb 9 2017, Kind Space will hold its all-ages Non-Heteronormative Valentine Craft Night for folks to craft a card or gift that reflects their gender, orientation or relationship. Credit: Courtesy Kayla Spag

Wednesday, Feb 1 

Asexuality 101: A Piece of Cake!

What is asexuality? What’s involved in dating an asexual person? How do other identities intersect with asexuality? What challenges do asexual people and their partners face? This workshop covers the basics (and perhaps a little more than that) of the much-misunderstood topic of asexuality. The discussion centres on what asexual people have said about their experiences. Everyone welcome.

5–6:30pm. Algonquin Students’ Association, Pride Centre, B-102, 1385 Woodroffe Ave. For more info, visit Facebook.

Saturday, Feb 4

The PepTides at House of TARG 

Edgy pop group The PepTides returns to a local hangout for a night of neon hair, funky soul music, pinball and (for some reason) perogies. The music of this Ottawa-based group is a bunch of styles all mashed together and it’s great for dancing. The concert also features Les Petits Fours, a seven-piece band that’s all about French pop and Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot and other hip stuff. 

9pm–midnight. House of TARG, 1077 Bank St. For more info, visit Facebook

Tuesday, Feb 7

Long-Distance Relationships Workshop 

Relationships are hard enough, but when you throw in living in a different city — fuhgeddaboutit. This workshop is all about how to make it work — because it can be exciting when it does. It includes discussion of relationship structures, expectations, communication and how to have long-distance sex. Register online or call 613-789-4646. For more information, contact

6:30pm. Venus Envy, 226 Bank St.

Thursday, Feb 9

Non-Heteronormative Valentine Craft Night 

Valentine’s Day and its paraphernalia are usually aimed at monogamous, straight — and, let’s face it, boring — people. It’s kind of a letdown for the rest of us. Hosted by the Feminist Twins, this all-ages event is an opportunity to come together with other queers and craft a card or gift that reflects your gender, orientation or relationship structure. Some supplies are provided, but feel free to bring your own.

6:30–9pm. Kind Space, 222 Somerset St W. For more info, visit Facebook.

Wednesday, Feb 15

Sexual Liberation? with Ignacio Rivera 

This workshop aims to, as billing puts it, “dissect the concept of sexual liberation, freedom and privilege — specifically how it interacts with race, class and gender.” The facilitator, Ignacio Rivera, is a performance artist, activist, writer, filmmaker, lecture and sex educator, and has experience working on issues affecting trans people. Direct any questions or comments to

7:30pm. Venus Envy, 226 Bank St.