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Out in Ottawa: Feb 2-15, 2016

Choice events in the city

Tuesday, Feb 2

Gaymer Night: Munchkin

This wonderfully nerdy evening is all about playing Munchkin — Munchkin Legends Deluxe, Munchkin Adventure Time, and any other version of the Munchkin game that you wish to bring. As always, attendees of this recurring, game-focused event can opt out of the featured game of the night if they prefer and play Cards Against Humanity up at the bar.

6pm. Swizzles, 246 Queen St. For more info, visit Facebook.

Friday, Feb 5


André Proulx thinks there should be gaiety all year round. So he put together a sort of snowy mini-Pride, complete with Red Pin Bowling (if you get a strike while the red pin is in the centre, you win a prize) and a night of drag and dancing. The climax of the two-day event is the skating parade with Proulx at the head in drag and holding a giant Pride flag.

Runs until Saturday, Feb 6. For more info, visit

Queers and Beers

Beer isn’t really that bad — it can actually be pretty good. The bad part is all the straights usually in its proximity. The Queer Mafia invites queers to head to a local pub to relax, drink, snack, play games and make new friends. The atmosphere is relaxed and the group leaves a faint — and slightly erratic — trail of glitter behind it, wherever it goes.

5pm. Clocktower Brewpub, 89 Clarence St.

Monday, Feb 8

OSPN Bowling

It doesn’t take much skill, but it’s always fun. And there’s something joyous about the clatter of tumbling pins and the strangeness of wearing shoes only a million people have worn before you. Folks 50 years and older and their friends bowl a few frames at this recurring bowling event for seniors. For more information, contact

6:30pm. West Park Lanes, 1205 Wellington St W.

Wednesday Feb 10

Non-Heteronormative Valentine Craft Night

Valentine’s Day: another thing ruined by the straights. What if we could have a Valentine’s that wasn’t about overly-tall blond guys and mousy blond girls rubbing noses and going goo-goo ga-ga at each other? Well, this event is a step in the right direction. You can make your own cards and gifts in your queerest style. Bring on the cats and bow ties and angry slogans.

6:30pm. Pressed, 750 Gladstone Ave. For more info, visit Facebook.

Friday, Feb 12

Valentine’s Dance Party and Best In Speedeau Competition

What’s a queer swim team for if we can’t ogle the members? The Rideau Speedeaus hosts its first ever dance party. It includes the best in speedeaus competition, when attendees can compete to see who has the best bathing suit (or who wears it best, or something like that). How far will the swimmers go to win? They may even shave their legs.

9:30pm. Centretown Pub, 340 Somerset St W.

Sunday, Feb 14

Jilling off: The Ins and Outs of Solo Sex

You don’t need somebody else to get you off this Valentine’s Day. Sometimes the best orgasm is the one you give yourself — let’s be honest, it usually is. This totally hands-off workshop for women covers a variety of masturbation-related topics, including anatomy, breathing, lube, toys, good one-handed reads and how to have better and more frequent orgasms.

6:30pm. Venus Envy, 226 Bank St.

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